Border collapse help

Hi, i m working on my website. i want to remove the inner border so that every picture isn’t surrounded by a 4 border. if i remove border of right side. the last picture right border also goes. i don’t want it go. i tired border-collapse but still there is gap. what should i do?

To me, it’s not really clear where you do and don’t want borders. Could you post an image of what you want?

see the left of previous one and right on next one? i just one it one. one border in common dividing the both pics

OK, I see. But you’ve changed the design now. Do you still want the borders? It looks better like it is now.

Well I honestly don’t see where in the live link …so I’m sorry.

But if you want the last image to have the border stay, I’d attach a class to taht and then specify in the CSS you want hte borders to remain.

I’ll assume that you still want a border between pictures, but you don’t want a “double border”. I also could not see your markup, so I will make the assumption that you are working with only IMG tags… move my code to the appropriate tag and it should work for you.

Lets say you had this mark up:

<div class="images"><img src="img.jpg"><img src="img.jpg"><img src="img.jpg"><img src="img.jpg"></div>

You could use this CSS:

.images img{border:1px dashed #000;}
.images img+img{border-left:none}

This essentially “collapses” the adjacent borders into each other. Well not really, but that’s what the effect looks like.

Of course IE<7 is going to be a problem. If you need old IE support, you will have to do it this way:

<div class="images"><img src="img.jpg" class="first-img"><img src="img.jpg"><img src="img.jpg"><img src="img.jpg"></div>

.images img{border:1px dashed #000;border-left:none}
.images .first-img{border:1px dashed #000;}

Hope that helps

Sorry for late reply. i wasn’t around. i have a issue. if u see the top navigation and click on some page the navigation doesn’t work (clickable) :confused:

This is a separate issue, so you are better off starting a new thread, or at least making some comment about the help offered above! :slight_smile:

Pardon my bad manners. well i used the css3 drop shadow etc, but thanks for letting me know. doesn’t matter for IE.but now i got some serious issue :frowning:
help pls?