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Hello All,

I do not have an issue but more of a question for front-end developers. And the question is Do you like Bootstraps responsive navigation dropdown? The reason i ask is I’am building a framework and I have had trouble deciding if i should include similar functionality out of box. The only benefit i see from bootstraps responsive collapse navigation is it is good for rapid prototyping. But when it comes to trying and making it your own it becomes another process entirely.

So i guess a second question would be should i just give you all the components to make a responsive navigation but leave the actual implementation to the developer with out to much in put or forced styles?

Whats your thoughts?

Hello Jgetner,

A big NO NO NO. I hate BS navigation. Now I don’t hate the way it works… I mean I love the way it behaves but I hate the coding structure. So many divs and classes… And yes customizing it and making a little bit fancy menu with it becomes a pain.

But I love the way it behaves… I infact dislike the off canvas menu style or iPhone menu style.

I have a built a custom nav that behaves like BS but in its HTML it only has ul and li and ul and li. And no classes or id’s on those ul’s and li’s.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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