Bootstrap Navbar problem

I need help with a vexing problem in that I can’t get the pulldowns from the fixed navbar from Bootstrap to activate on some pages. Please see my site. On the landing page, all the pulldowns work as they should, but if you attempt to run one of the dynamic reports (I suggest typing “smith” into the Individual Record Search) the resulting page has pulldowns that don’t activate. All pages call the same header and footer so I’m at a loss to know what is causing the problem. Hopefully someone has some insight. Thanks very much.


The search results page can’t find the bootstrap link.
If you view the Chrome Developers tools (right click and select Inspect) it shows you have 3 errors.

The main one for you is
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) for

Check the address is right to bootstrap as a starting point.

Well, just let me wipe the egg off of my face.:banghead: Many thanks for this help - usually I consult the developer tools but this time I got way off track. I appreciate you taking the time to bail me out of my predicament. All the best, Jim.

no egg there Jim, we’ve all been there!
Glad you got it sorted

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