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Hi from 13 degrees C no Sun Leeds UK,

I’m in the stage of deciding to build a website from the ground up. Boostrap has got my interest, one concern… “Will this platform prevent me from deciding / controlling HTML Mark-up?” What i mean is, if I wanted a header to be a H1 and content to be wrapped in <p> tags i can do that with no hindrance?

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Hi David,

I would have thought that you’d been around long enough to have outgrown the need for a framework as such. :slight_smile: I think your time would be better spent learning flex (or grid) rather than learning a framework like bootstrap.

Frameworks have a place in a team environment or for quick demos but for a one man band they can sometimes be more of a hindrance unless you are well versed in the framework and also a competent coder.

Bootstrap doesn’t tell you what mark up to use inside its grid structure as that’s up to you but it does have rigid rules on how the grid is enforced in order to make it work properly.

Bootstrap works by creating rows and columns and the classes that create the rows and column must be used in a special order and as seen in the documentation.

What is difficult to achieve in bootstrap is designs that don’t fit neatly into columns and rows and then you need to break out of the grid and create your own.

In the end css is its own grid (even more so now that we have CSS grid) and the benefit of bootstrap is somewhat diminished these days. The advantage of bootstrap is that you can probably find an existing template that will do your job and if you don’t need to customise it much you are good to go. There are also loads of useful things in the bootstrap package that save time building things ; like popup menus, modals, menus, tabs and so on…

The difficulty often lies in customisation of these elements if you are not well versed in CSS. If you go with the defaults and work within a simple grid then it can be easier than writing form scratch.

In the end there is no substitute for having a good grounding in CSS first.:slight_smile:


Thanks @PaulOB :slight_smile: OK so if i was going to go for flex this is a good starting point? -

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Yes that’s ok and the following link is a great resource.

Bear in mind that flexbox is not a replacement for a framework. It’s just another tool in the CSS toolbox (as is CSS grid). You still have to build your pages as you require and learn about media queries and so on and make choices based on your design.

Bootstrap does alleviate some of those things for you to some extent but only if you go with the defaults and use the classes and structure properly.

I can’t really make a decision for you because I don’t know how much you want to learn (or if you just want to get a job done). If you are only building the odd site every now and then the chances are you will forget most of what you learned by the time you get to the next site anyway.

In the end its all about you and how you want to manage your learning process. No matter what framework you choose (if you decide to use one at all) you will still need a good understanding of CSS to make it work for you.:wink:


Using “BootStrap” is very much like getting married and
employing a third party to take care of making it work. :rofl:



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