Bootstrap Dropdown clipping at bottom of table

Hi guys

Has anyone found an elegant (or even, a not so elegant solution) to allow a dropdown button to show all of its content when it is towards the bottom rows of the table. At the moment the dropdown content gets clipped.

I have a table with a list of users and rather than have edit/delete/suspend in sperate table cells for each row I have created a dropdown button called ‘Actions’ which has edit/delete/suspend as the dropdown options. It works great, other than when it is in the last two rows of the table as the delete/suspend are clipped.

I am using the latest version of Bootstrap.

All help gratefully received!



Perhaps have it drop “up” instead of down?

Hi Ryan

Same happens at the top of the table if I do that. I guess I could count the number of rows and if I know I am close to the bottom I make it a drop up and if I am close to the top then it is a drop down.

Seems a terrible hack though - that is why I was wondering if there was a better solution…

Thanks anyway!



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