Bootstrap datepicker rendering bottom of the page in Chrome and Opera

Hi All,

I am developing a page and using bootstrap date picker, it is working fine in firefox, but it is rendering at bottom of the page in Chrome and in opera.

please help me how i can fix this issue…

here is the link:

your early reply appreciated.


Where did you get the script from? Are you sure its not meant for bootstrap2?

It doesn’t seem to work in chrome if the page has scrolled.

I can’t see anything obvious wrong.

The problem seems to be:

The requested URL /GlobalLogistics/datepicker/assets/css/bootstrap-responsive.css was not found on this server.

I don’t see the same error message in other browsers.

I get the same error in Firefox console and this file doesn’t seem to be at that address:

Not sure if adding that file will make a difference (worth trying anyway) which is why I would like to see where the original script came from and see a working copy:)

Thanks a lot PaulOB,

I replaced the DatePicker.JS its working fine, but
In this date picker I am giving “todayHighlight: true” it is highlighting current date but when I am selecting another date current date should be de-active,
I tried some bootstrap datepicker document but not getting any proper solution for this.
and dropdown popup should come from glyphicon…

here is my working url:

here is my screenshot…

Thanks a lot once again for your prompt reply, u guys are really a true assets for sitepointers…


I don’t believe that’s how it works.:slight_smile:

The demo on this page shows the current date always highlighted but shows it in a different colour to the selected data. You probably should just style the today class a lighter color from the active class so as not to confuse.

		<td class="day">20</td>
		<td class="day">21</td>
		<td class="day today">22</td>
		<td class="day">23</td>
		<td class="day">24</td>
		<td class="day">25</td>
		<td class="day active">26</td>

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