Bootstrap cordova app - lazy load - tried unsuccessfully

Bootstrap cordova app - lazy load - tried unsuccessfully… any hint? if works in browser works and to XDK Cordova Ripple Emulator???

When you say it doesn’t work, what happens?

I don’t see why a cordova app wouldn’t allow this but it doesn’t seem that useful to me anyway.
Images can be included in the app and downloaded up front so first load will be loading images directly on the device.

If it’s a single page app with templates you shouldn’t have a problem with images stopping the views from loading.

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I mean images not load only image border seem … Not even an image loads…

Images class=lazy are generated in cordova div, in not main div but sub div was hidden initially…


Bootstrsp list anchor - img tags generared dynamically from ajax/mysql/php,… initially not present on screen , lazy load function must called AFTER generated???

If you’re loading content via ajax you’ll need to initialize them after you’ve updated the document.

  success: function(html) {
    $('#content img.lazy').lazyload();

if have responsive site/app imgs must have width/height properties…?

Depends on the styles I suppose, width and height aren’t strictly required. One time they help is letting the browser render elements of the correct size before the images have downloaded.

        paginationFunc(from, to, num, results.dataResult);
        $('#searchList img.lazy').lazyload();

I use Bootstrap pagination… but seems all images load in second page and above, when first page’s images load…


how can understand if lazy load works… may fadein be slowest…???

If you’re not sure what that library is supposed to do then you’re best bet is to remove it entirely.
The images will take care of themselves if you’re putting them into the page with ajax.

I meant if works but seem images load all… how understand that actually working? how see the effect of loading in other words?

Do you have a working demo you can link us to?

I think in device seems the effect… fixed…!!!

I use these two - Pagination the second in Bootstrap…

I have a mobile app and div of pagination is one of the html page the other div.s are hidden… PROBLEM is when change page (from bottom) to Page 2 of the list, the new page (pagination) loads but the page(div) Not starts from start,… but is bottom Not top… is this Normal…?

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