Bootstrap combining columns

I am using Bootstrap and anuglarjs technologies for the page layout.I have 3 Kendo Grids , the left grid will be vertical and on the right I will have two grids that should align with vertical Grid . The attached picture should illustrate what I want to accomplish using bootstrap css framework. Any sample code will be highly appreciated.grid

Thanks in Advance

Only bootstrap 4 will allow a true matching of column heights. apart from writing your own css).

Which version are you using?

I know nothing about Kendo grids and what they entail though:)

I am using Bootstrap version 3.3.7. Kendo Grid is like any normal Grid and it is one of the UI component from Telerik controls.Basically it reduces development time with some built-in features.

As you are using bootstrap 3 your bootstrap option will be to create two columns and then sub divide the second column into 2 rows in the usual bootstrap format.

Columns will of course be independent and not match heights explicitly.

Alternatively roll your own css using flexbox to achieve that layout.


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