Bootstrap Carousel problem in FF

Hi all

My problem is in FF, the carousel seems to pause slightly in the middle and jump a little. I’ve checked all the other browsers and everything seems to run nice and smooth. Has anybody else had this issue in FF?

Even bootstraps website has it.
If you follow the link in FF you’ll see the problem, or maybe its FF on my machine?

Thanks, CB

Hi there,

The carousel you link to works pretty flawlessly for me in FF 25.0.1 (latest) on Win 8

Which version of FF are you using and what’s your OS?

Hi Pullo

I also have FF 25.0.1
Running on Mac OS X / Version 10.6.8

Maybe its a mac thing, maybe something else?
Just wanted to be sure, kind of put me off using it now with this little glitch.

Anybody running on Mac as above?

Thanks, CB

@ralph_m ; is on a Mac.
Could you have a quick look, Ralph?

Runs smoothly for me in Firefox (Mac). However, the gradients look pretty lousy in Firefox! :frowning:

Thanks for checking Ralph.
It must be my machine, just needed confirmation I wasn’t doing something wrong, not to bad I suppose.

Another note.
Still learning JS and wondering…

Call carousel manually with:


What is this doing/mean? Do I need it?
Everything seems to work if I have this on the page or not.
I also see this with other JS code.

Thanks, CB

Hi there,

The code you posted does nothing more than selecting any elements with a class of “carousel” $('.carousel') and call the carousel method on them .carousel().

I would be surprised if your carousel works without that.
Maybe you have it twice.

Hi Pullo

No I’ve checked.
Still works without, maybe it’s triggered with bootstrap.min.js


Hi there,

This is indeed possible.
If you could post a link to a page where I could see this, i don’t mind taking a look for you (if only for the sake of curiosity).