Bootstrap carousel items

Hello there,
i have one question. How can i make change size of carousel items inner carousel.
Normal is :
On phone screen :
How make automatic change size of this elements with bootstrap classes?
Or i must change that with @media command in CSS? :slight_smile:
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First and foremost we would need to see the site in question and see what the problem is exactly as your explanations are a little unclear.

If the question is that you want to make a carousel responsive then usually this is down to the carousel plugin that you are using and whether it has been built responsively or not. If the carousel has not been built as a responsive carousel then generally they will not be easily changed without a lot of scripting and css added.

Most carousels these days are responsive but there are often limitations on their responsiveness.

If you meant something else then please clarify the question followed with a demo or relevant code so that we can see what you want :slight_smile:

Items inner carousel (we talk about Bootstrap carousel ) dont change size with screen size look. When you look that carousel from phone all looks like as other screenshot above…
I don’t know what is unclear ? :smiley:

The fact that we cannot see any of the code for the page, thus cannot diagnose exactly where the problem lies.
When you need to see the doctor, you don’t email him a photo of yourself. :slight_smile:

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Assuming you mean this carousel as there are many around then it is evident from the demo that the text in the carousel does not change size at smaller screens (assuming your question was about the text) and therefore I would guess that you need to add media queries to control the content you are using and resize/reformat the content to fit as the screen gets smaller.

Just resize the screen until the content no longer fits nicely and then apply a media query to arrange the content for a better fit. If it is just text content you are concerned with then reduce the size of the larger text but don’t reduce any text below about 16px for mobile as it is hard to read.

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