Bootstrap Barrio does not recognize html tags

Hi people!
I am using Drupal 9 and Bootstrap/Bootstrap Barrio.
Afte the latest Bootstrap update it does not recognize the blockquote tag.

I know so much that you can’t write:


You have to write:

<blockquote class="blockquote text-right">

But I have maybe thousand errors of the first type. Do I have to correct each one of them manually?

I can’t figure out to fix this. Any advice i highly valued.
Thanks in advance!

What does the error say?

My interpretation is that the error is that the blockquotes are not styled as expected, unless the class is applied.
I’m not into Bootstrap, but it seems adding the class would fix it, though it seems redundant IMO to have to put a blockquote class on a blockquote element.
If there are thousands, it could be a lot of work, though many editors do have a “search and replace” function which may help.

Find : <blockquote>
Replace with: <blockquote class="blockquote text-right">

Though what I might do, with my non-conforming to Bootstrap ways, is to go in the CSS and override the reset that removes the blockquote styling and add:-

blockquote {
     /* Style as I want blockquote to appear */