Bootstrap 4 fixed nav and grid problems

I have uploaded my HTML file to jsfiddle. The HTML page is designed to be a listing of my movie collection. I am having a couple of problems. The page is using bootstrap 4 grid The page is supposed to have a fixed section at the top with 2 rows. The top row in the 1st section should have one entry, which is the “My Movies” header which shoud take up the whole top row. The 2nd row in the 1st section should have 2 columns containing the header “Movies - Text” and “Select Genre”. Below that is the next section which is a list of movies. The top of that section is partially covered up by the section above it. The list of movies is rather long and needs to be scrollable. So the page layout is a non-scrolling top section with some header information and below that another section which allows me to list and scroll my movie collection. jsfiddle code

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