Bootstrap 3 page width

Unfortunately I’m having to use bootstrap

Simple question how is it / is it possible to have a page width that isn’t 1140px.

If Bootstrap uses 12 columns I’m assuming they have have a set width and margin.

How is it possible to have a page width that isn’t 1140px.

set container class with width you want, don’t forget set important it

Loc_rabbirtl, I can set the width this way but it is then set that width and not responsive.

I think my question should be: Can I set the width of the page and still have it responsive

Bootstrap is responsive out of the box. It all depends on what you mean by your question exactly :slight_smile:

The page you linked to is responsive as it changes to various sizes depending on the viewport width. It is 1170px width on desktop but varies according to the media queries depending on viewport width,

If you want a different series of widths then you would need to edit the bootstrap files (or the Sass variable files perhaps).

If you want a fluid page then use container-fluid instead of .container and then apply a max-width instead.

Use this code

<div class=“container”>
<div clas=“row”>

		&lt;div class="box col-lg-10 col-xs-offset-1"&gt;



Try with this code, It will work out.