Boolean search returning results when it should not

I’m a bit puzzled why the following query returned any results at all. I purposely put a phrase in quotes that I new would not exist in any of the testimonials and yet, somehow, several rows were returned:

[COLOR=#666666][FONT=Droid Sans]select tID, date_format(dateAdded, ‘%m-%d-%Y’) as dateAdded, views, title, MATCH (title,testimony,keywords) AGAINST (‘“play baseball” +lemon bruis*’) AS score from testimonies where approved = ‘Yes’ and match (title,testimony,keywords) against (‘“play baseball” +lemon bruis*’ in boolean mode) order by score desc limit 100

Any thoughts on this one?


how many total rows in the table?

Approaching 7,000 rows now after several years.

okay, great

sometimes people get weird results from fulltext searches because there are too few rows

can you show the query results for a couple rows that were returned but shouldn’t’ve been?

Ok, here is one example that was returned when it shouldn’t have as it doesn’t contain the exact phrase, “play baseball”.


[FONT=Helvetica]Lemon oil as a deodorant

I’ve wanted to stay away from the commercial deodorants for long time and couldn’t find any natural products that helped. I received my Essential 7 kit and decided to try the lemon oil as a deodorant because in Ecuador people sometimes use lemon juice. Well, the lemon oil has worked perfectly and now that is the only thing I use. Also, one time I forgot to use lemon oil and since I keep Lavender oil at work, I used the Lavender oil and that worked so well!

put a plus sign in front of the ‘play baseball’ and i’ll bet this doesn’t turn up

Oh, that did the trick. Thanks!