Books vs Internet


I think it's the same with books, if you burn all copies of a certain book it will be lost forever. on the internet is is more possible that somewhere it was saved even when you deleted everything.


In the UK, there are 6 legal deposit libraries that by law hold a copy of every book published in the UK.


You mean less not more.

A lot of work published on the internet has already ceased to exist. All physical books (and magazines) published since the internet was created have multiple copies stored away and so definitely still exist. The only published works lost since the creation of the internet are some of those only published via the net.

Does the software even still exist to be able to read some of the early pre-web internet articles.


books and internet both are important


Yes, they are both important. However, writing publish in books stay longer than published in internet.


Yes there is a great deal to answer this question. Book and internet are like a two sides of a coin, both are different. But the main thing is that this both can provide as knowledge. Book content may be lost sometimes but the content on internet does not lost in any situation. So this both are required part in human life.

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No way... this is valueless talk. I think if you try to storage or you want that this text or books you will keep for 100 years that's is possible.


A lot of internet pages are already lost. More are lost every day.


I agree, I guess thats why getting a book published is tougher than getting an article published on the internet


I best is Internet we can Study online as we all know Visual Education is best education so I always prefer Internet over Book


Internet FTW! However without books we wouldn't be here. But I don't think that we will lose written texts :smile:


the only thing i like about internet is that its doesnt becomes heavier even when you add things to it.. or at least i dont need to carry it.. books on the other hand.. best of all.. but gets heavier with each addition..

also sharing is fairly easy on the internet.. not the same case with books


Books Vs Internet . I love reading blog not books. I love reading new blog related to new tech.

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on the other hand you can pass on physical books to your children and grand children.

any books you own on the internet can't be shared and are unlikely to be able to be passed on.



any books you own on the internet can't be shared and are unlikely to be able to be passed on.

Please elaborate on your statement.

As far as I understand if you own a book and have the contents converted to Ebooks, mobi, pdf or even text every format can be easily shared.

I have a blog site and on behalf of the authors their complete books can be read online.


There have been cases of people having purchased ebooks do not convert them to other formats but only access them directly from the internet. When they die and don't leave a copy of their account details including the current password for their relatives to get access to their account then their ebooks purchases are effectively cancelled as the supplying company will not provide access to the account to anyone other than the original purchaser.


yes but sharing in real time is fairly easy.. across country, across oceans.. with any person in the world.. and quick..


Thats true.. maybe in a few years.. when we live on moon... we can make a storage area there... all info about everything on earth can be found in carter 1198, east of lunar lake..

then internet cut would create world wars and unrest..


There is no way to answer this question. They are so differnt source of knowledge that it is hard to compare them. I love the smell of the books and to just touch the paper but sometimes it is much easier to use the internet when you need to find something asap.


Nice answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, both have their place.