Books on Best Practices for Front-End Developers

I’m looking for books that may offer an overview or defined details on best practices relating to front-end development and it’s particular languages. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Check out the classic by Zeldman, Designing with Web Standards, 3rd ed. Also look at its ‘sister’ book, by Allsopp, called [URL=“”]Developing with Web Standards. I haven’t read that one, but would like to. Both writers are industry leaders and well respected.

Ralph’s suggestions are excellent.

In addition I can recommend Transcending CSS [I]by Andy Clarke[/I], [URL=“”]Bulletproof Web Design [I]by Dan Cederholm[/I], [URL=“”]Designing with Progressive Enhancement [I]by[URL=“”] the filament group[/I], [URL=“”]Responsive Web Design [I]by Ethan Marcotte[/I], [URL=“”]Don’t Make Me Think [I]by Steve Krug[/I], [URL=“”]Adaptive Web Design [I]by Aaron Gustafson[/I], [URL=“”]Handcrafted CSS [I]by Dan Cederholm[/I], [URL=“”]Site-Seeing [I]by Luke Wroblewski[/I], [URL=“”]Prioritizing Web Usability [I]by Jakob Nielsen[/I], and [URL=“”]Dom Scripting by Jeremy Keith.[h=1][/h]