Books Errata, Where to find?

A couple of years ago or so, I bought the book, Simply Java Script by Keven Yank and Cameron Adams. I’m trying to find the Errata that is referenced (http://www, This link is invalid, and takes me to the Sitepoint store. Can someone tell me where to find the corrections, etc. for this book?

Does the code archive link still work?

@Ophelie, do you know where the Errata details are kept?

As for the Code Archives, that link seems to still work.

Thanks, @cpradio - that’s not the link I have in my copy of the book. (And I can’t find the errata, either.)

@WOtis - I know SitePoint have been having a fairly major reorganisation of the site, so I expect there are a few links and redirects which got overlooked in the process.

We don’t have errata pages any more. Unlike other publishers, we have adopted a more practical approach to keeping books updated, by fixing the issues that would normally be published on an errata page, as they are discovered.

When a typo is reported, for example, that gets fixed immediately, and then anyone downloading the book after that, will have a corrected copy, without that typo.

If you purchased the book directly from us, even the print edition (which comes with a free copy of the ebook), you will have access to download the latest version of the ebook, complete with any corrections that were made since the original publication date, from your SitePoint Premium account. You will find the book on your Dashboard and can download it as many times as you need.

If you find an error and wish to report it, it is as easy as logging into your SitePoint Premium account, going to that book’s online version (from your dashboard), locating the page where the error is and then clicking the Discussion tab beneath that page, and posting your error or questions in the box.

Once you have done that, the author or one of our teaching assistants will check to see if it is in fact an error (and then schedule it to be corrected). If it is not an error, they will answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

You will also find a link to the current location of the example code for the book, on the landing page for the online version. (in your case, that would be here)

If you made your original purchase from our store a number of years ago, and therefore don’t yet have access to the ebook through a SitePoint Premium account, just contact our support team at and let them know what e-mail address you used to make your original purchase, and after verifying it, they will give you a voucher so you can access it through SitePoint Premium.


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