Book about SEO

which is the best book about SEO in your opinion?

I’m pretty new to webdev field, bc I spend all of my work time writing C code(but i’m pretty good with PHP ), so I’ll like to read about SEO from a book and not from a blog

so, which is a good book about SEO in your opinion?

SEO Book of Aron Wall is the best.

I prefer SEO Dummies and SEO Bible.

why you want to buy seo book there are so many stuff on seo for promoting your website online.

I think you’re talking about the Art of SEO. This books seems quite good. It might help you a lot.

One from oreilly

SEO Bible is the best book by Jerri L. Ledford.

I prefer Oreilly - SEO Warrior and webconfs for newbies in SEO.

webconfs has the SEO Tutorial for beginners , its a nice online Tutorials!!

There are many book on SEO available on internet. For online learning, you can join SEOMOZ. Other than this I’ll also recommend “The Art of SEO” by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie C. Stricchiola, Rand Fishkin.

seo bible also good book for seo learners.

That, right there, is quote of the year.

I would register with and you will gain all your information there

I am not sure if it is available anymore but I found the following e-book to be very helpful:

I have also used:

The above two books were fairly helpful for me but I already knew the SEO basics by then.

I hope that helps.

I learned basic SEO from Idiots Guide to Google.

LOL - indeed.

There are hundreds of books on SEO basic principle remains the same and real knowledge is gained by putting that into practice successfully

I prefer the search engine (Google) to know more/anything on SEO. :slight_smile:

“Search Engine Optimization for Dummies” by “Peter Kent” is the best book according to my experience.

SEO Bible & SEO Warrior are some of the best books.