Bonus Question: Very Small File causes Upload Issue

Here is your Bonus-Round Question… :wink:

I built an “upload_photo.php” script back in maybe January.

The script is complete and works great, and today I was going back and adding thorough comments to it like I should have way back when…

Well, one sub-module restricts Photos less than 4KB and greater than 150KB, and as I recall, I added the lower limit because there is some known - but just not very well know - issue where a very tiny photo will cause one of (??) if the PHP File/Upload/GD Functions to crash.

I have been looking online for this, but no luck.

I know it was in the PHP Manual somewhere…

And I post way too much here to even begin looking through my old threads.

This is one of those "I know what I want is out there, but I have very little clue of how to describe it, or what it is called?! :wall:

BTW, I personally encountered this issue, so I know it is real, but I also can’t remember how to recreate it all these months later… (:

It seems like DeathShadow was in on the discussion, however, this one time where I introduced him to the bug and not the other way around?!

Anyways, my script is working fine, and restricting Photos under 4KB should keep me safe, but if anyone knows what I am trying to describe here, I’d love to read up on this, and add comments to my code.