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I am wondering how I would go about setting up a will or statement that would deal with giving a trusted source the login and password to my hosting affiliate control panel in the event I die or become incapacitated.

Does anyone have anything like this in place?

Thanks for any direction.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to just share that info with the trusted person now.


You could leave the information in a safe deposit box with your Bank, and leave the number etc of the box, in your will.

Well, not your typical general chit chat topic around here :lol:

Wow, this is food for thought - I’m no expert on this subject but I would assume contacting a Lawyer/Solicitor would be the first step for me - discuss what you want to happen, who your witnessess are going to be, and what you are leaving - I know that over here (Ireland) in some instances if you are leaving any assets to your witnesses it can cause problems! So yeah, I guess I would take the official route and find out once and for all directly!

There is a fantastic website for digital wills (of sorts), essentially it allows you to maintain all your accounts, information and digital assets on a website which is stored VERY securely (apparently even the site owners can’t see what’s going on inside) and what happens is… upon proof of your death, the account details will be passed onto the person you state it should be given across too. I read about this website on TechCrunch ages ago… well worth considering. :slight_smile:

ding ding ding that was the right answer!

thanks alex, your a champ.

i will report my findings.

will (that’s my name, too…)