Body id - current page style

Hi all,

Could anyone tell me what I have done wrong with my body id/current page styling?

I think its something really stupid that I have missed :frowning:

Have a look here:

The “welcome” on the left navigation should be black.
I gave it a style:
body.welcome #nav li.welcomeli {
color: #000000!important;

and i gave the body tag this: <body class=“welcome”>

What have i done wrong? :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

youre a star, thanks!
I tried so many different possibilities, obviously not this one! ;-))


This rule is still overriding it:

#nav ul li a{

So I would do something like this:

.welcome  #nav [COLOR="Red"]ul[/COLOR] li.welcomeli [COLOR="Red"]a[/COLOR] {
color: #000000;

The problem may just be that there is no gap between the color value and the !important, by the way, but I wouldn’t use !important anyway.