Blurry image on iphone - retina caching issue?

Hi I’m developing a site and for some reason the footer looks blurred on the iPhone.
There are many foreground and background images on the site and this is the only one that is affected.
I’ve attached an image to demonstrate.
Is there some sort of caching issue?

Hm, what is the file size of that image?

It’s 151k. Too big? Should I take the quality down for iPhones? :confused:

Is the footer width image 640px width and sharpened?

I’d say it’s a bit big for all devices, really. See what happens if you reduce it a bit.

I took it down to 114k but still having the problem. Will try to take it down further. Thanks

Yeah - got it down to 71k and it’s still happening,.

OK, so it’s not a file size issue. Is it being stretched at all? Are you able to provide a link to this?

Bring it to 640px width and sharpen it. Use that and test.

Thanks - will try that. Would it have to be a different size for iPad?