Bluehost WordPress hosting vs.Canadian hosting


Bluehost has increased its pricing and I received an auto-renew email two days ago for my current plan as follows:

Plus Hosting Term: 36 Months - $11.99/36.00 mo = $431.64
Domain Name $17.99/year

Compared to my last renewal
Plus Hosting 2018-11-28 36.00 mo $10.99/mo = $395.64

there’s an increase in price and they keep increasing it

You can see what’s included in my plan here

Question: I am located in Canada and considering moving to Canadian hosting company where I can host my WordPress custom built site. Its built using Underscores theme. I would also consider registering .ca domain name. Is there any reliable Canadian web hosting for WordPress and domains?

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Have you tried looking for alternative hosting? I’m not sure I understand what your problem is.

It seems there is:

That looks like a good place to start. Compare prices, read reviews, see what meets your requirements.

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@Gandalf Yes, I did however thought that may be someone in this forum has or had experience using Canadian hosting companies and can share

@TechnoBear Thank you

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Have you considered the cost of actually migrating the website (code, database, media assets, etc.) to a new host. Depending on the size and lifespan of the site that is not always a straight forward or inexpensive task. I myself have not used shared hosting in several years but those prices seem fairly low. My bill is about $90 a month for AWS cloud between two separate accounts production and development which I only use for personal work. Just to provide you with some context.

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@windbeneathmywings Thank you for the tip. My current site with Bluehost is outdated and I wouldn’t consider moving it a new host. I am building a new one and it is currently deployed locally on Laragon.

In that case you might consider releasing the shackles of shared hosting. Migrating to the cloud where you have complete control of hosting infrastructure architecture, unlimited scaling capabilities, and vast pool of services to aid development. In the cloud you can configure any number of linux servers to your exact hosting specifications for the Laravel site.

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I understand. What cloud services would you recommend considering I am interested in Wordpress, PHP, JS and CSS? My understanding cloud should offer support for those?

I have used Azure (microsoft) and AWS (amazon). I prefer AWSs usability, features, cost, efficiency, community, and documentation. Not to mention learning AWS cloud is a complete marketable skillset. Becoming familiar with all the AWS services and knowing how to use them to optimize development is a highly sought after skill in the tech industry since cloud applies too many overlapping categories not just websites. Most larger organizations have moved to the cloud or are in the process of doing so. The thing about cloud though is its not really a lift and shift type deal. The cloud infrastructure architecture should be an integral part of complete application architecture. I provided one simple way of hosting a php site using an ec2 server instance but there are also several other like containerization which is a completely separate sub-topic.


Did you ever try any other hosting? You are paying $11.99/month for a shared hosting. Right? Why don’t you try any cloud hosting. In cloud hosting environment, you can get a dedicated resource with more security. You can also scale your server according to your site need.

If you have a WordPress site then you can use managed WordPress hosting, that specially optimize for the WordPress application. There are many cloud hosting providers. You can use DO cloud provider with Toronto location with $10/month.

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