Blue Phoenix Media Non Payment Issues

Blue phoenix media is a new CPA network that has become more prevelant within the CPA scene for the last 6+ months. I have been working with the company for a little over 3, and have experienced mixed results.

My first month was a success as I was paid for the campaigns I ran through this network. The 2nd and 3rd months on the other hand have been very dismal to say the least.

Lost over $6000 with an Acai Berry diet product, in which the advertiser decided not to payout for. The company was kicked out of the CPA network, but all the publishers, including myself, had to take a loss for the company.

If that wasn’t enough, I had generated over $2000 in commissions from other advertisers and am currently on HOLD for payments due to the fact that Blue Phoenix is also have trouble collecting funds from a few other advertisers. Many publishers are currently suffering over this lack of control.

I am currently on the waiting list, amongst many other publishers for payments produced for October, November, and December of 2009. If your looking to signup for a new CPA network anytime soon, I would steer clear of this company for the moment.

Hmmm, I have contacted them just today and asked for the details. I will see what they reply.

Also, may be there is a representative of their company to clarify the situation?

Spoke with AM Jake and also Justin from accounting. I won’t reveal last names due to privacy concerns.

Actually received a phone call from the CEO of the company today regarding my account and it seems like she is trying her best to straighten out the situation. They had a number of complaints from advertisers about fraudulent activity (typical within this market), so the advertisers were investigating the leads, thus leading to a delay in payments for publishers.

The CEO I spoke to today gave me detailed information on what was going on and why the incidents had occurred. I do appreciate her addressing the concerns and seems as if the accounting dept. and AM were making a few statements that were not entirely correct, which she straightened out.

The lady I spoke with seems to be willing to try and get some of the payment for me on the leads I produced for October. I am also sending her over some info regarding my campaigns to help her out with advertisers that are asking questions.

Hopefully things get resolved soon…but that is the update so far…