Blogspot - How do I lose the date in URL's?

Im making a Blogspot site for a friend but it’s giving me url’s like: 2009/1/1/weather.html
How do I lose the date from the URL?

I know it’s not Wordpress but I can’t find anywhere else to post my question…

@PJdreams - The website I’m making is for a friend who understands Blogger but not Wordpress plus I don’t code Wordpress as I don’t have time to learn it’s vertical learning curve, bummer! The reason I need to get rid of the dates is because this wont actually be a blog but a website that can be edited by the owner and commented by visitors.

@DrewryMedia - yes, I looked at lots of web pages (most relate to WP, good old Google) but no answer that has been made this year.

Thanks guys…errr…thinking what to do now.

Have you tried Google for answers on how to remove the date from the blog posts?

You can’t from blogger, but wordpress you can. Many people run into this issue when going from wordpress to blogger. I may be wrong on this, but last time I checked you couldn’t do this.

Do you mind if I ask why? Is it seo related or just a personal preference?

“Blogger” is really intended for running blogs so it might not be the best choice for a non-blog based site.