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Can we have a blog which discuss on the general SEO and also adding some videos to it?? if so which blog would be best to be used as a platform for starting blog.

Yes we can do SEO things with a blog site and i think “word press” would be the best place to start blogging website.they offer different can start with their basic plan with is low fee and if you want premier blog site then you can buy advanced blog hosting …i used word press for one of my site and its really good to start for newbies …good luck!

Unless you opt for a premium site (and most beginners wouldn’t) WordPress is free. You have two choices with WordPress either a self hosted blog through or a Word Press hosted blog through

I prefer a self-hosted blog myself, better control.

I’ve been very happy with self hosted WordPress

SEO is a very competitive niche but it is very possible to have a blog about SEO and I personally like using WP as the platform of my blogs because there’s so many things I can do with it.

Yes self hosted blogs are much better, you can do what ever you want with them without any restriction or limitations.

I suggestion is to use blogger blog, much user friendly.

self-hosted blog is good.

Self Hosted wordpress blog is a long term investment in your efforts and knowledge.

I would go with a third party blog also, they are also much more search engine friendly and people can search them easier.

Well free web hosting blog is also good like blogger or blogsome.

I guess blogger is the best choice, as google will give it a good rating, and its ranks well…