Blogging: good or bad for the resume

So, eventually I want to be a journalist. It’s not necessarily going to be the way I pay the bills, but I want to do it nonetheless.

That being said, in the short term, I plan to work with a large software company. Is it going to hurt my chances of being hired if I have a blog about political issues or any other issues? I once read that blogging can be helpful for your resume. I feel like it could also be detrimental, though.

Good idea? Bad idea? Should I start writing either way if I really want to?

Thank you

Depends what you blog about. If you’re blogging about politics, you can turn people off. A potential employer that checks you out might toss your resume because of it. HR can screen you out as a potential problem before you have a chance.

But if you are blogging about your industry, it can be very helpful. I’ve gotten a dozen job offers through my blog posts over the past few years.

I agree it depends on what you blog about, but it can also benefit you by displaying some of your work

I agree with Dan: on one hand, it is an opportunity to showcase your writing ability (hopefully, it is good). On the other hand, if some of your writings are political, or controversial, or politically incorrect, then no matter how good your writing might be, you run the risk of turning people off.

However, in any case, blogging is an opportunity for improving your writing ability. As for all things, the more practice you get, the better you get. So write, write, write.

Perhaps create multiple blogs. One can be the one on which you post samples of your best work, and non-controversial posts. This would be the one to which you direct potential employers when you apply for a job posting. Another blog can be for your questionable posts, where you write straight from the heart and don’t care how politically incorrect your opinion might be. You might even create a couple more blogs that lie somewhere in between these two: for example, one that doesn’t necessarily display your journalism talents but is geared more toward your personal interests.

I can’t say whether it is good for resume or not… but it is very good for you to learn new things…
go ahead with this idea!

I think blogging in general will help your resume. As long as your political writings is in moderation, I don’t think it will hurt your resume.

I think you can blog about something that can help you to clinch the job. This can highlight your expertise.
Leave the political blog out, dont put in any resume.

Make sure that the company that you want to work with shares your same points of view.

Obviously, I wouldn’t put a political blog on my resume. I figure that a large company would be aware if a potential employee operated such a blog, though. So, I think that it probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

Well, you have to find out about the culture of your company first. If you are going to have conservative officemates, your liberal blog might not help.

If you are planning to get into journalism, a blog is a must. I mean this way you can evaluate your writing skills. Go for it.