Blogger robots?

I too have the same question it’s just not encouraging that no one yet has replied to your thread with a possible explanation

Pretty much, yes. There’s a whole lot of information out there on the internet, and for basic “What is …” type questions you’ll often get an answer immediately by typing just a few words into Google – you’d get an answer before you’d even finished typing your post into the forum, let alone the time you then have to wait for someone to reply.

We’re more than happy to help on the forums, but it isn’t a good use of anyone’s time for us to be answering questions that you could have solved yourself with 15 seconds of research.

Then you should have all the information. Robots in blogspot means the same thing as in any other site. Be aware that not all search engines respect robots.txt. Nobody forces them to follow those rules. A robots.txt file is a nice way to tell the search engine where the juicy is, a time saver for the spider. But even if you suggest the the search engine that a certain directory is not good to look at, the spider can do whatever it pleases… although if it gets to a page where it needs a password and username, it will not do any good to the spider.