Blogger post title font won't change

I am fairly new at this and I followed instructions on how to change post titles from h3 to h1 tags. Ever since I did that, my post title font has changed to a default Arial font I believe. I used to have font, Rock Salt. I edited the HTML back to h3 and the font still remains default now. No matter what I do I cannot get the font to change back to Rock Salt.

Hi, coastalmomcreations.

We’ll need to see the relevant HTML and CSS that you are using. Since you are new at this, a link to the site (if it is online) or a working page (starts with doctype, ends with close html) will do fine.

@ronpat - the URL is there in the last line of the post, cunningly disguised, as it’s not a link.

(I’m not familiar with Blogger, so I’ll leave this for somebody else to look at.)

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You’re right. Blogspot is a completely different beast. Although you can get to the source code of the main page (which is, after all, the one that contains the theme), You do have to be careful with your HTML and CSS.

Anyway, I can’t see any font specified for H1 so it is taking the default type which is Arial, Helvetica…

Without sounding completely stupid, I thought I did provide a link, but apparently that’s just a URL. I’m really not sure what you’re asking for but more than willing to let you look at what you need. I do not understand HTML or CSS. Should I provide the entire HTML template?

As said by posters AFTER Ron, it was a mistake on Rons part.

What class do you have in your CSS that you believe should be targeting the H1? Right now, yes there are classes assigned to the H1 in the HTML, but none of it is taking effect. I assume a misspelled class is the cause. Post the CSS you believe should be taking effect for the title.

You just spoke German to me lol. I am clueless.

Ok please don’t take offense to this but I’m going to try and talk simple here.

You want to change the <h1> (the blog title) yes? How do you expect to do this? You assigned class=“” to it (I don’t remember what classes off the top of my head)

I presume that those classes you assigned, you will then modify those classes to change the <h1> yes?

If that’s the case, find those classes in your CSS file, and paste them here. For whatever reason (possibly a typo) they are not being applied.

Overall, I’m trying to see WHY you think styles aren’t being applied. Do you have CSS that’s just not working? Do you have nothing coded up? Please describe your situation.

I went through ALL the CSS files, and I searched for “rock” (that’s part of the name of your font that’s missing) and no results were returned. I’m confused. Was your code deleted…?

In my HTML template I went in and found post titles with h3 and changed them to h1. When I noticed my post title font changed I went back into my template and changed them back to h3 assuming everything would go back to the way it was. It did not. I checked my advanced settings for post title and it shows I’ve chosen Rock Salt as my font. The only customized CSS I added in the past was for my logo. I added that in the advanced settings you find when customizing your blogger template. And yes I did want to change my post titles to h1. That’s what started all this. I should have left well enough alone.

Ok. Now please show me where in your CSS that you actually can apply the Rock Salt font. Just show me ANY CSS that uses it. I was unable to find any. I believe it has been deleted (unless of course I just suck at searching).

On my blogger template I went to into Customize, then Advanced, chose Post Title and I just choose which font I want from a menu and then apply to blogger. It still shows Rock Salt. I tried to take a picture of this but this site will not let me upload it since I am a new user.

These are the rules for h1

h1 {
display: block;
font-size: 2em;
-webkit-margin-before: 0.67em;
-webkit-margin-after: 0.67em;
-webkit-margin-start: 0px;
-webkit-margin-end: 0px;
font-weight: bold;


There’s no font-family and therefore in inheriting the font from the BODY

body {
font: normal normal 15px Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif;
color: #333333;
background: #254e79 url(// no-repeat fixed top center /* Credit: MichaelJay ( */;

@coastalmomcreations. I have a blogger account (that I don’t use) so don’t worry about that. In the worst case scencario, I’ll look at it when I get home. Can’t access from the office

I’m trying to point out that no rock salt CSS code is being put in. Not at all. So either your blogger template is wrong, or you are wrong.

Either way, no font is being used. As molona has described above, that’s the ONLY CSS being applied to your title. Nothing else. No other font or CSS. That is your issue.

So how do I correct that?

It not being in the CSS? You correct that by putting it back in the CSS :slight_smile: .

I’m not familiar with blogger, but somehow it got deleted. You need to put it back in (using whatever process you did before.)

I am not sure where to add it, what to add, etc. Lol. Would changing my template to something else solve the issue?

Not a clue.

Doesn’t matter where you put it. Just your regular CSS file.

Thanks for your assistance

Changing to a new template solved the issue. I have since chosen my previous template again and am now able to customize my post title again. Thank you.

Guess the old one was corrupted or something. Glad you got it working.