Blog site…? (Never used the service, but use the software)

Blogger and BlogSome are both pretty good.

Wordpress is the best if you are installing it on your own web server, but I haven’t used the service.

Yea! Without a doubt. It must be WorldPress!

Wordpress( com that is) is probably the best one, although If I were you I would get a shared hosting account and set up a blog on that. It’s a lot more flexible and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Wordpress of course the best free blogging site,

I guess for free blogging Blogger(from Google) is best option… you can also use wordpress.but bloggers ranks well in search engine.

Have used Blogger and Wordpress - both are good.

I give my vote to Wordpress as well, but Blogger will work just fine as well.

One of the best advantage of wordpress over blogger is Trackback.

Blogger as well as wordpress are good. But blogger allows Adsense ads whereas wordpress do not allow. I think that is why blogger is better.

Blogger and Tumblr.
They provide much flexibility than others free Blogging Platform.


For me for free blog platform use Blogger because there a lot of things that you can do with it. For hosted blog use WordPress platform because it simply rocks.

Blogger with free webhosting and a lot of nice widgets