Blog posting

What are the steps involved in Blog posting. tell me if any one know more about this.


Sign up for blog site for free.
Activate your account
And login then you can post content on your blog. (post an informative, original and quality post)
you can share it to twitter, facebook, etc…

Steps to do Blog Posting

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Choosing the right title
  3. Attractive Images with proper Alternative Text
  4. Product Related Video
  5. Choosing Proper Sub Headings ( H2, H3…)
  6. Making proper Interlinking (Incontext link to your website)
  7. Picking proper Meta Keyword and description

Make sure to write unique and interesting article based on the taste of your visitor’s.

IMO, you do blog posting in your own website by creating “ or” instead of doing some other blogging website like blogger, wordpress, blog etc.

That seems to have covered things nicely, thank you. Thread closed.