Blog post per day?

How often should someone update their brand new blog daily like how many post per day?

If you can update it once per day and do it with constitency, it’s more than enough, just need patience (several months before it picks up really well)
One post a day is a lot, except if you’re not going to put in work in each work, in which case it won’t work much with one per day.
In fact I guess it depends on the quality of the blog post, if you’re doing a good one a day then it’s more than enough, but if you’re doing short news posts, then people will expect to see a few each day, like half a dozen, so they don’t come to your blog (or read your rss feed) for only a few seconds.

It’s best to update daily, and then get backlinks to each and every blog post. I aim for 800 words and above for both my blogs, with sufficient keywords occurrence. It’s time consuming. Sometimes I use PLR articles to cut down on research time.
Yesterday I was rewritting one PLR articles about affiliate marketing. I use Internet marketing business to replace all the affiliate marketing in the PLR articles. Basically maintain the keypoints, but I changed some sentence structure.

daily with good content is very good for long term…

I update my blog every two or three days.

I’m on 2 blog posts a week. It allows me now to write quality articles (and this is not just “I think my blog articles are quality” this is “people have really enjoyed reading them & they promote them for me”).

I don’t subscribe to daily posts. Sure for bigger blogs that’s great, but as long as you satisfy your readers, that’s good.

Most don’t visit your blog every day!

One post a day is enough , concentrate on getting other blogs to recognize you , pingbacks , social bookmarking etc

This is my experience. Initially I started blogging with great enthusiasm and have written almost 2 blogs in a day. But during due course of time I started lacking interest and I stopped for some time. I feel writing one quality and informative blog is sensible approach. Also your blog must be interesting and must grab attention of larger audience online. Remember keywords and tags are as essential as your content quality. Avoid crappy language .Keep simple such that user is hooked to your content reading.
Including back links in blog is best option and good SEO practice.

Keep quality in mind first before you think about frequency. Some bloggers are in a rush to write more and more content and forget about the quality of the content they are writing. Usually daily updating of the blog is ideal and readers too can keep themselves busy reading, but if you alter the rate of posting, it doesn’t affect much.

Experiment with everything, and see what your readers are satisfied with, and what frequency of posting helps to bring in more readers from your subscription list. That would help you judge the things better.

Consistency is the key. So it can be daily, every other day, 2 times a week or weekly as long as you are consistent.

google like blog update every day, minimal posting your blog 3

What I did was post one article daily when my blog was new. Once it is older then 1 month I reduced that to about 1 post in 3/4 days. One thing that I noticed is that if you post regularly, your chance of being indexed is very high and regular post is the number one SEO technique. When SE BOT finds new contents in every visit, it will increases its crawl rate hence helping in obtaining good position in organic results.

I usually post one or two blog per day. Some times it is very difficult to find the good topic. So i can’t write much more.I think it is better to write one blog per day.

The top 100 blogs out there you will find they have teams of 2 or 3 people to post 4, 5, 8, 10 posts…per day! That’s your competition if you really want to be #1. The days of once per week or a couple times per week are gone. You need to demonstrate a dedication to producing content of value 1,2,3, or 5 times a day to really make the traction you’re looking for on Google.

in my case 3 to 4 post per week.

well i think we should update next post when search engine crawl recent post, i think it would be a better idea :slight_smile:

If you have your spare time then do it everyday :slight_smile: Well, in my part I’m updating my blog twice a week :smiley: Because I’m busy with my job. :smiley:

Once a week sounds fine to me

Actually, I don’t there is an actual requirement on how often you should update your blog. I only update my blogs around once a week and only if I have new ideas for it. I don’t force topics or articles for it…

update daily and post your blog/web 7 post