Blog Marketing

Do you read others’ blogs because of a “trick” they did?

More likely

  • You know the person already somehow and therefore have an interest in their ideas
  • You met the blogger through a common friend or social network
  • You found a link to the blog from another blog you already read
  • You were searching for something the blogger wrote about and found their post, and found it interesting enough to want to know what else that blogger has written

So become the blogger. Network with people, use your contacts, be social, interact with other bloggers, write content that once you get someone to read it they want to share. There’s no trick.

There is not any trick which these bloggers uses, its that they only write and express their feelings about a certain topic and then at the same time it should be readable by the users which makes them feel interesting and readable.

If you want your blog to be more popular, you should write more interactive and fresh blogs daily. Do promote it on social networking sites.

There is no trick! Write good posts and do so on a consistant basis and the readers will be there.

Quality content and that too with the informative intention is the key to success, you don’t have to do anything else. Gradually your blog will pick up momentum :slight_smile: . For visitors you should do a constant SEO , consistency will get you at the spot

and do this many times over and over. LOL you have to be consistent from what i learned. even with your ranking, you will need to make sure you constantly do these things often to ensure your blog getting good recognition. If you all-of-a-sudden stop doing it then you will see a big loss of traffic and internet recognition as a whole.

There are no tricks. It’s just simple blogging. If you want to make your blog popular then you can use social networking or social bookmarkings to promote your blog.

I what kind of niche is you blog going to be?

I will say only thing.
The trick is knowledge.
Yes it is the knowledge which makes you popular in blogging and in your whole life.

If that blog comes out with unique and useful content I don’t think you’ll have to worry about promotion, people generally do the promotion and for rest the SE take care about. :slight_smile:

You must make your blog interesting. Keeping and updating it with fresh relevant contents. People look for blogs that can make them come back for more.

tips promote your site :

  1. join in forum
  2. social bookmark
  3. update every day
  4. social network site
  5. SEO
  6. Backlinks

These are not tips, some of them are just nouns with no verb. I think he’s already joined a forum since we’re here talking. This isn’t helpful. Please, if you’re going to write something, make it meaningful. Say something!

The “trick” is a lot of hard work. :slight_smile:

Great tips… Thx for the sharing.