Blog design dilemma

When in the high full-width screen if we divide the available fabric like in the image. Does that meet design standards?

Header and footer have confined areas with margin restriction, but in the middle, while using the content we are also using the available space as a sidebar. That said header, footer, and middle body has a different content area and different margins.

A school will say it’s your blog design do whatever you like, but

Does that meets design aesthetics or quality standards will such designs be accepted as good design and professional or something from the Juvenile/novice mindset?

H → Header
F → Footer
S → Sidebar

In the responsive versions sidebars will disappear, and so will dilemma. so the question is for desktop version.

To me the empty corners see odd.
I would maybe expand the header and footer to full width. Even if the header/footer content is still restricted to the limited width, you can still expand the background to occupy the empty corners.
There is nothing wrong with some empty space on the sides, but here it seems awkward.


Yes, as if homogeneous and pattern is missing in design.

Right, even I also slightly sensed that awkwardness.

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If the sidebars were sticky sidebars (or fixed sidebars) then that design would make sense as you could stop them scrolling with the content. This would assume that the sidebars were important content and contained menus or links or important content.

From your comments you say you remove them for mobile so I have to think whether they are necessary at all? If it is just a place for adverts then it may be fine to keep the adverts away from the main content and indeed there are some sites that just have skyscraper ads at the side which do not interfere with the main page content.

In the end the choice is yours and as long as the site is usable and accessible then design is often left to an authors interpretation of what they like.

I do concur with Sam though that the missing corners look awkward but that may be partially down to the fact that you just have bordered blocks rather than variable content.


Hello, there @PaulOB Thank you so much for your input and for taking the time to answer in such detail.

I was planning to build a blog at this location(some inner path such as, which is not yet online.

I was of a mindset that I do not have to make amendments/changes for many more years to come in the future so make it as versatile as possible. Normally I do not need such complicated designs just a plain blog will be sufficient, but in the future, there may be a possibility that a blog may be needing few followup links(most probably in the sidebar as in such as lesson connected to some educative blog such as WP SEO. The reason for such thought was purely traffic increment so that they should visit more links, and increase total number page visits and total duration on the website.

At the same time, I was also of the orientation that such things also increase the complexity of the design/layout.

I do not have much experience so dilemma and confusion were inevitable . Traffic also takes time to come - many months to few years that too when content is regularly updated.

When you are emotionally attached to put a website live - The best launch, which is error-free, the syndrome is always there.

When one launches some products(in this case purely WP themes and plugins) normally on such blogs chances of parking advertisements are rare.

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