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Hi i have working for multilanguage website and i have a blog page also In that page what language I should write to bring visitor either english are my native language italian. ?

That’s a very strange question (and as I’m unable to see any connection with Marketing or SEO, I’m moving this to the Content forum). Surely the language you write in will depend on the language your target audience understands?

I don’t wish to be rude - particularly as I struggle learning another language - but you need to improve your English if you want to blog in English. Soggiorno con italiano.


Hi there! It actually depends on the kind of readers you are aiming for. If you are looking to target local readers, then it would be more suitable to write your blog contents in Italian, but if you are seeking for a global audience, then obviously you have to write in English as this is our universal language…:slight_smile:

If the site is multi language don’t you translate the entire website to different languages in a click of a button?

I speak English and pretty good Spanish and my website is available in both languages, I think your main
language should be your native language then install an additional language in a subfolder like this

I think its important to create the content in both languages and dont mix the two up if possible, there are other options to translate your content but none I have seen work as well… Good Luck…

Just want to add here that I use sub folders so I only need one SSL Cert and I can effectively target the UK and Spanish Google Indices also…