Blog Carnivals - Do you Know of Any?

I have been looking for Blog Carnivals related to Internet Marketing, SEO or We design for quite some time but am facing a lot of difficulty. The blog carnilval website is not the best source as most of the blogs in my niche are displayed as Inactive.

Can anyone please either suggest a Blog carnival that you know of or suggest alternative sources to find some in addition to the Blog Carnivals.Com of course.

I think blog carnivals (aka “web rings” in the late 90s, “AOL Guided Tours” in the mid 90s) went out of style before… I doubt you’ll find one for those topics with any decent sites in it.

Unfortunately , Dan is right. There’s no blog carnival that will help you with traffic anymore.

I tried looking up some for ya but was unable to really find anything that’s still active and running with a lively crowd, sorry

this question was originally asked last August. If the OP hasn’t found an answer by now, chances are he/she is no long interested in the question, especially since he/she has not returned to comment on this therad.

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