Blockquote tag, others, and seo

First off, I did search the forum for blockquote. Did find the resource On some of my old pages I have deprecated tags, many of these:


How do these affect rankings? Do they? Does google weigh in favor of css when it comes to rankings?

[font=verdana]For a start, those tags are not all deprecated. It’s perfectly fine to use <blockquote>, <ul> and <i>, if you’re using them in the right context. If it’s a quotation, you use <blockquote> and that’s absolutely the right thing to do. It’s only if you’re using them to achieve presentational effects such as indenting that they are frowned on.

In terms of the effect on SEO, it will be infinitessimal-to-nothing. Google doesn’t see itself as the internet’s policeman, and it isn’t going to enforce coding restrictions, arbitrarily penalising sites for using bad code if it thinks they are the best match for what the searcher is looking for. It might be slightly confused by the use of <blockquote> for main body text, but equally Google is so used to dealing with poor coding practices that it won’t pay too much attention to things like that.[/font]

I tend to think that one would not be penalized for bad code but I think google appreciates a nice looking and nicely organized site. So it may jump you up a notch.