Blockquote not showing

I’m unable to get the blockquote to show up in the top left hand corner of the blockquote, maybe it’s the path? (link)


blockquote, q {
    margin: 2em;
    quotes: none;
    background:url(quotepng.png) repeat-x;

Image URLs are relative to the location of the CSS file. If your quotepng.png isn’t in the same directory as the CSS file, then it won’t be displayed. You can fix this by either moving the image, or adding the relative path to the image in the CSS property.

If I have the image located in this path:

wouldn’t the relative path be:
/styles/images/<image> ?

It’s relative to the CSS folder, so it depends where the CSS file is saved. If the CSS file is in styles then the relative path would be images/<image>

Via trial and error, this is the absolute path to the image:


And this is the path relative to the stylesheet:


I gotta relative my brain, cause I always get the paths wrong.