Blocking unwated spammer from blog stats

Hello all. I have a minor blog i try to post to every so often.
Of course I check the stats and see traffic from sites like vampirestat & ourmeets.
A google search advs they are spammers. But is there any way to block them?
did a serch on sitepoint for both those term and came up w/nothing.

You can use your .htaccess file to block either specific IP addresses or specific referrers.

You might find this helpful:

Thank you TechnoBear will go check that out.
However i don’t think i have an .htaccess file or access to it on blogger.
Not sure i can add it either.

Ah, OK - I don’t know anything about Blogger. Hopefully somebody else will. :slight_smile:

It is not really possible to prevent spammers from visiting your blog as long as it is active and online. Blocking IPs only works in specific cases but mostly spammers spin IPs on daily basis.

The best way is to secure your blog instead of wasting time blocking spammers. If you are serious about your online work, you must get your own hosting and domain name. Blogger is a free service for beginners to feel the water of the web and not a tool for building real websites and blocking spammers.

Hope that helps!