Blocking bots in uppercase or lowercase?

This may seam pedantic but I’m on a mission to write in XHTML. So if i want to block bots searching a test page for example is this ok?
or should it be in lower case?

Any insights welcome :wink:

Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

three posts down there is your answer. grab it quick and read the stickies ! :slight_smile:

Yes, lowercase and you may well be better off also trying to use a ‘robots.txt’ file for “good robots”, i.e. the ‘Robots Exclusion Protocol’ it will also possibly reduce some 404 results from the search engines.

Obviously it is not guaranteed, and the “naughty robots” would try following your pages anyway.

Though “usually” test pages are kept in directories away from the public in the first place so shouldn’t ever get within a robots cross-hair.