Blank pages in Safari and IE only in some areas

So here’s a real strange problem. I’ve got some pages loading perfectly: and then others using the same software not loading at all in safari or Firefox 9 or IE 9:

I can’t figure this one out. The validator at W3 says this:

Either we do not support the content encoding specified (“gzip”), or an error occurred while decoding it.
The error was: Can’t gunzip content: Header Error: Minimum header size is 10 bytes

But if you try it on the same generated page at the first URL, it works perfectly!!! What is going on??? Yikes…

I have no idea.
Any particular reason you posted this in the PHP forum?

Because I run a LAMP server. If you’ve got a better idea where to post, I’m all ears.

I guess it depends on what the reason of the problem is. If there was a PHP problem, it should give an error.
Try adding this to the top of the script and see if any errors appear:

<?php error_reporting(-1); ?>
<?php ini_set('display_errors', true); ?>

Yesterday, the first time I clicked those links, I actually saw the second page as well (although the CSS seemed to be totally different from the first page), but when looking at its HTML code there was none. Very strange.
But only once, because after that I I’m only getting empty page.