Just curious… I’ve got my profile settings set so that nothing about my birthday is visible to users.

I notice that near the bottom of the page that lists all the forums, there is a section for “today’s birthdays”.

If I have my birthday hidden from view, will my name still appear in that section on my birthday??


If you set it to hide your date of birth, then I’m pretty sure it won’t appear in the birthday section. Indeed, unless your birthday is fairly soon, I think it will cease to be an issue. The forums are moving to Discourse soon, and I don’t think it has that feature (although I could be wrong there :)).

TechnoBear is correct though, if you have it hidden, it won’t show up there. I have mine set the same way and it never showed :slight_smile:

I’ve always been away on my birthday, so I don’t know if mine shows up - and we’ll have moved to Discourse before my birthday this year, so I’ll never know. :bawling:

Nope. :slight_smile:
Only I’ll know when it is and I promise not to tell.