Bing Webmaster

how i submit my site on bing webmaster and can i submit more then one site ( running on one domain)?

Bing allows to submit atom or feeds file on subdomain…
for eg [noparse][/noparse].
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Bing allow you to submit as many site as you want. Just use this tool to submit your site.

go to login and click to add website then download html file
go to your website file manager and upload this file to public.html then back again to bing webmaster click to verify
you can ad many sites in one webmaster account.

I would recommend you to start building backlinks to your site and then all search enginges will index your site + you will get much better ranking.

Submiting your site to search enginges won’t give you almost any traffic. Focus on seo rather than submiting site to certain search enginges.

It is possible to immediately post your new LINK in order to Ask to have the item found. This is accomplished via webmaster tools.
Utilize this connection to carry out your related. you possibly can listing your web sites below…
http: //www. google. com/toolbox/submit-site-url