I am considering getting a site through BigCommerce, but I am finding it difficult to work out how much it could be customised.

I am wondering if I could do something with a similar layout to this site:

My Baby Rocks - Baby Clothing - Kids Clothing - Kids Accessories

And, if I had all of the design work done, how much would it cost (approximately) to have developed?

I would also like to have a loyalty points function included

Thanks :slight_smile:


Your website looks good… nice baby related layout… i think it should not take more than $2000 for any ecommerce store to be developed… I am not much sure about BigCommerce’s cost but if you go with any openSource solution than you can get it done within $2000.

Hey, thanks. This isn’t my site though, just an example of a similar layout to describe what I am looking for & to see if others think BigCommerce will be capable.

I thought BigCommerce was quite easy to develop, especially if the graphic design is already done? Therefore I was expecting it would cost a lot less

Customizing a BigCommerce store is simple; not easy, but simple or straight forward I should say.

Why did you stuff the link with keywords?

Expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $1500 if you want SEO involved and depending how detailed your list of customization is.

Copying the style of a website is one thing, complete design and development costs a little more.

NOTE: there are no Loyalty programs on BigCommerce at the time of writing this post. A shopping cart that allows for Loyalty Programs is [URL=“”]CoreCommerce.


-Daniel O.
eCommerce Developer