Bigcommerce wordpress domain mapping

Okay let say I have a site on bigcommerce and would like to add a wordpress blog. Big commerce do not allow installation on on their site. So I have to buy a separate hosting. Now I have another domain+server for my wordpress blog

big commerce asked to create some kind of alias…

blog . mydomain . com for mywordpressblog . com

from research I found the tutorial how to setup for a wordpess . com (they charge $13 for that) blog but if I have my own blog I can’t find any clue for that… any one can help?

There are hosting providers that can provide a place where you can install web-based applications. You can buy your own hosting space and install your blog. Note that you still have to purchase your domain name and pay for hosting on a monthy or yearly basis.

It looks like bigcommerce is a hosted service only, so there won’t be a way to combine the two on the same host. However, contact bigcommerce to see if you can use your own domain name (or a sub-domain) with their service to point to your storefront.

As for wordpress, go to You’ll find the installation package and setup guides. However, managing and configuring the blog and your hosting space will take a fair amount of time and effort if you’ve never done it before, so the least expensive and time consuming approach might be to just go with the hosting service. $13/yr is much cheaper that what you would spend per year on a hosting provider–they can range anywhere between $6 and $30 a month, depending on the host and what services/options that you order.

However, you should also note that if you buy a domain through, they would be in control of it. It would be better if you went through a registrar directly to purchase your domain, so then you have total control of it and the DNS settings. If you ever decide you move away from, there’s the risk that they won’t want to relinquish the domain later on. But if you own it through a registrar, you can easily set up the domain with a different site or service and you wouldn’t have to go through to transfer anything.