Beyond Hosting VPS -- 10/10

I originally started looking at VPSs in late 2009… I initially signed up with Linode and was pretty happy. A friend of mine recently recommended that I check out Beyond Hosting, so I decided to give them a try and see how they compared.

I went ahead and started a live chat with a rep there and discussed how there servers were different from what linode or another provider offered. Up front the rep understood how VPS worked and what it took to be a successful VPS provider. He was quick to answer even complex questions.

I’ve been using this VPS for around a month now with absolutely phenomenal performance, which is saying something as my Linode was certainly no slouch. So far I’ve been consistently receiving around 1.2Ghz of CPU time on my virtual machine. Disk IO has been great and I’ve seen an increase in my database performance over what I had at Linode. Another huge difference is the ammount of ram I have to play with because BH is using a jail type VPS instead of Xen. I’m also really impressed by the fact that they offer unlimited inbound bandwidth… I don’t know of many places that are doing this on VPS’s.

I can firmly recommend Beyond Hostings technical support services, commitment and quality to anyone looking for someone who cares about their customers.

My Ratings:

Live Chat Customer Service:
9/10 - Only available during day-lite hours.

Ticket Response/Support:
10/10 fast response with very good information and politeness. I actually felt that they cared about me as a customer!

10/10, Absolutely 0 downtime what so ever!

12/10, To be honest they are over powering the VPS servers, I would call it a “Virtual Dedicated Server” because of the CPU time I’m able to use. They use Dual Nehalem Quad Core server.

Network Bandwidth:
I was able to test my VPS at over 5MB/s from a friends server. That made me very happy!

VPS are a virtual server, its not just another form of hosting. You will be provided with a linux CLI and you have to build your setup from there. It’s just like a dedicated server but smaller. :smiley:

I’m still with them and have start using my VPS for other things, currently using it as a tunnel and IM bouncer.

We are looking for a VPS hosting provider. Any others have experience with Beyond Hosting? Further, it appears that most hosting companies are offering VPS hosting these days instead of traditional shared hosting. Are there any hidden costs associated with VPS hosting such as server reboot, OS reload, backup restore, website control panel (such as plesk or cpanel), VPS control panel, etc.? Is there any provider that offers all these at a reasonable price as a package with no hidden costs?

What other freee or cheap but great quality VPS hosts would you recommend?
I am looking for one - free preferably with options to advertise the host etc. or pst to forums etc.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Beyond Hosting. It will be helpful to others searching for reliable VPS provider.

Good to hear that you are happy with them. Please do update us on their performance a few more months down the road… just to see if they are consistent.

Oh by the way, what’s the website that you are hosting with them? Just for clarity sake…

No problem man! :smiley:
Do a whois check and traceroute it :slight_smile:
I even have some tagging on my site from them, affiliate program stuff.

So your affiliated with them?

Yes technically through the affiliate program. But I’m not posting this review as a way to make money, notice that I didn’t post my site until you asked? :slight_smile:

OUCH! Please note that “Extended Management Service” is an additional $49/mo!

The “industry-standard” cPanel is also an “Available Extra” as is around the clock monitoring. Unless you can “babysit” 7/24/365, these “Available Extras” may make their VPS as expensive as a dedicated server.

For those native English speakers, please note that “We understand that not everyone can configured linux.” makes it appear that the host is NOT hosted by native English speakers. This is a small point but I’ve seen it make a difference to some members.



I asked about the Extended Management service when I signed up. Basically they will do any thing you want including compiling programs and writing code fixes for things. They include management for simple things like cPanel and application installation/basic configuration.

Have you ever priced a fully managed fully monitored dedicated server? They are offering an optional feature that you would pay at least $200+ for with a dedicated server!

I like how you assume they are not american because there was a typo on “configure”.

Most people have no problem paying money for good solid services… I mean you don’t see rack space trying to sell you with a low price!

That would be my initial impression too. Otherwise they’re illiterate native English and/or not professional enough to care about their image.

But as dklynn said, it’s a small point and not everyone cares about that. What counts is whether or not they can deliver what they say they can.

Yep, I’ve opened a few tickets since I wrote the review asking miscellaneous questions and they’ve been very fast to respond with a full answer. :smiley: Uptime and performance has also been absolutely superb.

Well, Im glad you like them so far. You’re new so I imagine at some point you’ll encounter something negative about them. And things can change. But hopefully that won’t be for quite a while.

One thing I’m surprized to see is

That seems unrealistic to me. I mean even if it’s 0.00001% it’s just a matter of time before something goes awry. It’s unavoidable IMHO.

I use pingdom and so far none of my sites on the VPS I have with them have shown less than 100% uptime.

I’m sure there will be downtime for kernel updates and what not on their end, they said I would be notified before any planned downtime occurs.

I use pingdom and so far none of my sites on the VPS I have with them have shown less than 100% uptime.

For how long do you monitor your web sites? I believe pingdom shows uptime obnly since the moment you posted your web site for monitoring, not from very beginning.