Beware if

To anyone that was interested in using please stay away from them. I had a hosting account with them and I could not use any of my joomla site so i created a regular HTML site and the site moved very site, so I deceided to move over to justhost and everything is running fine! I requested a refund and they will not give me my money back! So please of anyone is looking to buy their service try someone else their servers are VERY SLOW!!

You sound as if you have used them. Or you have made your conclusion from the reviews only.

With overloaded servers and negative reviews, this does not surprise me one bit.

I think if other people around the world are having problems with them - they might be problems on the web hosting provider’s side only.

Are they very slow around the world or just in your region?

Having used Fatcow (owned by EIG, as is ipage), I’m not surprised to hear that their servers are slow.

I send a lot of referrals from my free hosting sites to these companies, and rarely hear any negative feedback from them. Might just be due to the routing to your ISP from their hosting servers.