BEWARE: ***** Corporation

I signed a contract with ***** Corporation in January 2008. The first year was great. Payments were on time and all went as planned.

A few months later, payments started arriving late, I didn’t hear anything each month and had to email the co-owner ***** on a monthly basis. Payments started arriving later and later, and as my earned revenue increased, my checks decreased. Pretty soon I didn’t receive any checks. Once I started receiving them again, they were significantly smaller amounts than I was earning. I was assured this would be fixed. Well pretty soon thousands of dollars of late payments mounted up. Before my contract renewed in 2010, I was ASSURED via a telephone conversation with the owner that I would be paid very soon and this wouldn’t be happening again. He gave me his word. His word turned out to be another empty promise, as my contract auto-renewed so I am stuck for another year while they owe me almost $15,000. I am scared to remove my ads because I will be in breach of contract. They made sure to cover themselves in the contract. They have all lawyer fees covered in the contract should a situation like this occur, and the contract states that if they don’t get paid, neither do I. I have a hard time believing that I continue to make them thousands of dollars and they are not being paid. How does someone run a business this way? They don’t.

I’m certain something fishy is going on, and as a result I am posting this as a WARNING to STAY AWAY from ***** Corporation and *****. Sign with a more reputable company that won’t avoid paying you $15,000. Their last email to me said they would start paying me $500 a month and that my first payment would arrive on the 15th of May. It’s the 18th and guess what? No payment. Even if I did receive the $500, it would take them almost 3 years to pay me back at that rate, and then I would have generated another $15,000 by then. This is ridiculous and I am completely disgusted with their business practices. At this point I’m certain I won’t be receiving my money. Again, BEWARE.

If anyone has any advice, feel free to give it.

I am also getting messed around by them too, just to confirm. I don’t want to reveal any tactics for earnings recovery in a public forum though.

Media Mayhem? Good to know.


While I don’t use them, I know pubs that do and, YES, they are all getting screwed too.


We have to be aware of legal ramifications when we allow people to name and shame, so the moderator in question wasn’t trying to assist the company to hide their identity for any sinister reason. But for now I’m happy to let it remain.

This came up on another forum I requent, I think that it’s the OP who would be liable and not the forum owners for allowing the posts. What’s your understanding?

The original thread was titled BEWARE MEDIA MAYHEM. Too bad this site is trying to hide their identity while they try to sweep me under the rug. I have checked my contract - they covered everything so that they could get away with this crap. And yes, I was foolish for letting the contract renew - for some reason I let Scott convince me this would all be taken care of in a few weeks (that was in December). If anyone is reading this, STAY AWAY from these guys! Who knows if I will ever see my money.

I stumbled across this thread while doing some research on Media Mayhem. My site has been partnered with them for several years now and I’ve experienced the same exact thing you have. They owe us thousands of dollars, months go by without any payments, and emails and phone calls are routinely ignored by EVERYONE at the company. It’s pretty obvious that they have no money and my concern is that they will file for bankruptcy before I get my money. I’m not sure what to do. Their fill rate is also pathetic, so I’ve ended my relationship with them, but they still owe me money from 2009! It’s pretty obvious to me that all of their partners are in the same boat, that they’re not paying anybody, but I’m wondering if there’s a way that some of us can band together and have more of an impact? I don’t have money (obviously) to hire an attorney, but maybe a collection agency working on all of our behalf?

Also, is there a way to find a list of their current publishers? I’d like to contact some and see if they’re having similar difficulties with MM, but their site (shockingly) has very little information.

Anyway, I hate this company and the people who run it. They’re liars, crooks, and worst of all, failures as businessmen. If you’re thinking about joining with them, run for your life. You’re better off with Google ads. At least you’ll get a check every month.

P.S. What’s ironic is that Scott, the president, has actually posted on this very forum, talking up his company, and people responded saying how wonderful he is. Well, when times get tough, he ignores you or feeds you some sob story about how he’s suffering too. Right. I’m sure you’re paying your mortgage just fine with my money.

If they aren’t paying you, and you weren’t a fool to sign a contract that made them untouchable, I would imagine this would make them in breach of contract and thus end the contract. (READ YOUR CONTRACT!!!)

Saying “working to resolve this” when the issue is just money means that either A. They dont HAVE money, or B. They did/do but are spending it.

Either way, accepting the renewal without full payment was very foolish.

Sounds really sketchy. As, Rabies said, check your contract. If they are in breach then you might come out on top. If you are locked in then you may have to wait a while.

Maybe it isn’t wise to allow them to acrue any more debt towards you until it is straightened out?

I received a reply from them today and they are communicating that they are being proactive on thismanner and will be working to get it resolved. I’ve heard this before so I am reluctant to get too hopeful but it sounds promising. Updates to be posted if they arise.