Bevel effect in Illustrator


Can someone please guide me on how to apply a bevel (inner bevel) effect on a vector object in Illustrator. It was simple in Photoshop (Layer > Effect) but I can’t find a technique to do the same in Illustrator.


Can’t do it on a vector! Take it into Photoshop and rasterize. (went to ur site–looks good!)

Thats where your wrong.

Create your text
Create Outlines
Filter > Bas Relief
Then Hue/Saturation in Illustraotr and choose COLORIZE to change the colors

It works

You can create some single tone shadows and highlights using a copy-paste of the origional text :slight_smile: it’s not the classic bevel, more of an abstract bevel, but it does the job :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Forlorn: when I create the text (and create it’s outlines) or an object (circle etc) to apply the effect to, none of the filters are enabled in the menu.

Also, I couldn’t find Hue/Saturation and Colorize options in Illustrator. Sorry but I’m a pretty new to AI.

Maybe I should switch to Photoshop 6 insted of AI for all vector-based work.