Best wording for a register link?


I am creating a website which is similar to a forum. I’m wondering what the best wording would be to for the register link?

I’m considering:

  • Register
  • Register for Free
  • Sign Up
  • Join
  • Join for Free

or any other similar.

I’m wondering if anyone has any views on the best working for such link and what could be the most effective?


Whether you mention that it’s free would depend on the nature of the site IMO.

If it provides a type of service that you would expect to pay for then yes, mention it.
But I would not expect to have to pay to join a forum or similar.
It may be just me, but when you make a point of something being free when I would expect it to be, it raises suspicion.


Thanks for the feedback. The forum is totally free to all members. I just thought free would get users to register, but good point - maybe I will drop the “free”

I’m familiar with the term “register”, but I’m not so sure non-web-devs would know what it means. I’d guess that it is commonly used enough that most would know, but maybe not.

To me, “sign up” (what this forum uses) seems more appropriate for newsletters. i.e. I’m opting in. (Discourse can send emails so it’s not entirely inappropriate)

For me, “join” feels like the best choice for a forum.

In any case I think they’re all common enough that most would either know or at least be able to understand what they mean. So I guess it’s down to how strongly you feel about being semantic and the target audience.


I second that if it’s entirely clear what I’m about to join.

So I think “Join the forums” would be even better. :slight_smile:

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One can

  • Register for the forums
  • Sign up for the forums
  • Join the forums

The last one is the shortest in both word count and character length, and the option that’s most pleasing to the eyes.

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